Homoeopathic treatment

At the beginning of each homoeopathic therapy a detailed discussion between doctor and patient takes place, often lasting up to three hours. The doctor will want to know in detail about your ailments, your medical history since childhood, all previous treatments, your life circumstances, likes and dislikes. During this conversation he will get to know your whole personality as well as your illness. Only by means of this comprehensive information can the homoeopath choose the homoeopathic medication that will improve or cure your illness. The individual choice of the particular homoeopathic medication applicable to you demands much time and experience; herein lies the art of homoeopathic treatment.

After the first intake of the homoeopathic medicine you begin to react to the medication. Your medical condition changes and your general state of health as well as your mood, sleep and appetite may improve. Every change, each intermittent cold, each skin rash and each new or old symptom is an important sign of your individual reaction to your homoeopathic medication. After 4 - 8 weeks this will have to be analyzed and assessed by a follow-up anamnesis.

For a successful treatment it is essential for the doctor to evaluate your general condition every 4 - 8 weeks and to readjust the subsequent homoeopathic medicine to your changed condition.


You will in fact not always receive the same homoeopathic medicine for a particular ailment, nor will you take the same medicine over any length of time. Your homoeopathic medicine will have to be adjusted every time your condition changes i.e. in an extreme situation you will receive a different homoeopathic medication after each follow-up anamnesis. Based on the most recent questioning this medication will have to be carefully selected from more than a thousand different homoeopathic medicines.

In case of an acute condition or violent reaction a telephonic consultation may be necessary in the interim. This however, will never be a substitute for a personal discussion, which is essential for a goal-oriented continuation of the therapy.

How long does a homoeopathic therapy last?

Recovery is a process that takes time. Many patients notice a marked improvement or abatement of pain after the first couple of days. However, it often takes many months until a chronic disease is cured. The younger the patient or the more acute a condition, the faster the process of recovery. The more chronic the condition or the older the patient, the longer the treatment will last.

An accurate estimate of the treatment duration is not possible, however an approximate prognosis can be made after the first anamnesis.