“Like Cures Like”

Homoeopathy is based on the conviction that the active agents best suited for the treatment of a disease are those that produce symptoms in healthy people, which are similar to the symptoms of the disease. Through these agents vitality will be enhanced and self-regulatory powers will be supported. For the production of homoeopathic medicines natural substances are used, which are processed according to certain rules. In its final stage the  medicine undergoes a step by step dilution; this is called potentizing. For example, the homoeopathic medicine called Coffea (produced from the coffee bean) will cause nerviness, trembling, lack of sleep and irritability in a healthy person. It will therefore be used for a patient who has similar symptoms. Coffea will cause the patient to be calm and even-tempered again.

The effectiveness of homoeopathy lies in the fact that the substances contained in the medicines do not work directly on a material level but that they influence the non-material structures that are superordinate to the body. The organism responds to this stimulus by a reaction of enhanced vitality and self-healing powers, which is reflected on the physical plane as a healing response.

So, to cure a disease, homoeopathy does not believe in looking at the separate parts of the human organism in isolation. It neither believes in suppressing symptoms by medication, nor in replacing  substances that are lacking nor in compensating for damaged sub-functions. On the contrary, homoeopathy regards a human being as a whole, comprising body, soul and spirit, all three of which should be in balance. Illness is an indication that this balance has been disturbed, thereby resulting in the manifestation of various symptoms. By means of a stimulus regulatory mechanisms are set in motion; this may express itself in a fever, for instance.


It has been proven that homoeopathic medicines are the most suitable to support the self-regulatory powers, so that the inner balance is restored and the self-healing process is stimulated.

In a substance that is potentized to such a high degree no molecule of the original matter remains. As a result of the minimal amount of acting agent present, and because the basic approach focuses on the superior non-material structures, no side effects are to be expected. Sometimes, however, an initial aggravation may occur at the beginning of the treatment. This should be looked upon as the corresponding physical answer to the non-material changes and should be regarded as rather beneficial for further progress. During the treatment of chronic diseases old and previously suppressed symptoms (for instance skin rashes) may appear, which will disappear with the continuation of the homoeopathic therapy. The underlying principle here is to cure the disease from the inside out, from top to bottom and in a chronologically reversed sequence.