Homoeopathic Medicine




Currently homoeopathy has more than one thousand medicines at its disposal. Basic substances are obtained from plants, minerals and animal products.

The manufacture of homoeopathic medicines involves a process of dilution and succussion resulting in a special substance that does not have an impact on the material level but acts directly on the non-material template of the physical body. In this way effecting its change and ensuring a complete and actual recovery from an illness.

It is for a good reason that the processing method of homoeopathic medicines is also called “potentizing”, i.e. increasing its effectiveness. During the process of potentizing a step by step dilution and agitation is carried out, increasing the healing power by the transformation into a non-material agent.

As a result, no chemical substance will be detected in these highly effective homoeopathic medicines and consequently the patient will suffer no side effects.