Professional homoeopathic treatment

DropTreatment for all ages
DropHolistic and integral treatment
DropTreatment of acute and chronic diseases
DropAlternative medicine, naturopathic treatment, conventional medicine

Comprehensive and prophylactic diagnosis - Thermography

DropPreventive diagnosis that will result in prophylactic treatment
DropUnique preventive medical check-up, painless and without side-effects

Painless acupuncture by means of laser beams


The recommended procedure: First, the thermography, followed by the homoeopathic anamnesis and acupuncture


The most thorough and complete treatment begins with an extensive preventive medical check-up - namely computerized thermography, which may result in the prophylactic treatment of a disease when it is still in its developmental phase and has not manifested itself yet. Based on the computer-recorded thermogram, the doctor can detect dysfunction and weakness of the organ that is responsible for the ailment of the patient.

The diagnostic procedure is followed by the homoeopathic anamnesis. This is a comprehensive discussion with the patient that can take as long as three hours during which the homoeopathic doctor will want to know in detail about ailments, medical history since childhood, all previous treatments, personal circumstances, likes and dislikes. As a result of this conversation he will get to know the patient’s personal characteristics and his/her illness. Only by means of this comprehensive information he can choose the homoeopathic medication from more than a thousand available medicines.

To speed up the healing process, the homoeopathic treatment can be combined with acupuncture.