Therapeutic success through precise diagnosis

Skin Segment Skin SegmentCRT - Computerized Regulations Thermography greatly increases the reliability of precise diagnosis by measuring and quantifying the cutivisceral reflexes. With the help of a highly sensitive medical sensor the skin temperature on a hundred different areas of the body is measured and later analyzed on the computer. This analysis produces easy to read graphics and visual compilations of the body’s state of health.

Two measurements are taken, one showing a reading under relaxed conditions, the other under stress. For the latter the patient lies undressed in a room with a temperature of 20 - 23ºC, creating stress on the organs as they respond to the body’s need to maintain homeostasis. In this way the body’s regulatory ability is evaluated and the focal point of a disease is quickly located. On the basis of this information the doctor can determine a treatment plan for a suitable and individual therapy.

CRT is highly reproducible, allowing the patient to observe his progress over a period of time. In this way, together with the doctor, he can work on the improvement of his health.

CRT provides an account of the health of specific organs based on the presentation and computer análises of their regulation in particular areas of the body. This not only prevents the progression of a disease but also helps in the detection of a disease in its early stages before regulatory disorders occur, thereby greatly improving the effectiveness of the therapy.